Dragonfly Home Designs in Mansfield, NJ specializes in Home Staging and ReDesign, Interior Design, Decorating, and Organizing. Serving Mercer, Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties. Owner, Erika Verschelde

Dragonfly Home Designs specializes in real estate home 
staging, house or business redesign, interior design, DIY, and interior decorating. 
Serving Central and South NJ including Mercer, Burlington, Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth and Bucks county, PA.

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Specializing in Home Staging, Re-Design, &  Interior Decorating & Design

Erika Verschelde
Home Stager & Re-Designer
Decorator & Designer

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Interior Decorating, and DIY Design
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Our surroundings set the stage for our first impressions, and then we decide if it fits our overall personal comfort.  If you are not comfortable, you do not want to stay. A staged home that is organized makes you want to stay .
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Each individual has their own sense of style and taste. One home owner may desire a bright country style kitchen, while another may wish for a dark and sophisticated touch.  One design does not outweigh the other; however, taking each room and making it appealing to the MAJORITY of the buyer's market, takes a professional home stager who can take the emotion out of a room, and add desire that will appeal to the masses.  

"Occupied" Staging & Re-Design

Interior Design & Decorating


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I design to help you sell your home - or - make your home a place you don't want to sell.

Think about this:  Did you ever consider a One-Day Home Make-over?  
It's a Re-design for your home.  It can be a transformation for a single room, or several rooms.  At Dragonfly HD, we can do that for you, and make you feel like you're in a whole new space.

  Home Staging
Design & Re-Design
Home Staging when selling your home requires the eye of a Professional Home Stager.  The emotion that accompanies "your home" can be pulled out by an outsider .  We see the room as a BUYER.  We want to help you sell your home at it's best rate.
Sometimes, organization alone will re-design your home.  It will make the home more functional and open, thereby giving it a whole new feel. Organization in the home also brings peace to a home owner and to a potential buyer.
Designing from scratch or just re-designing the space you already have is a specialty of ours.  The home now becomes designed just for you incorporating your visions. It meets your needs, and fits your family lifestyle. This change will make you love your home again.
​​Stage Appeal
Setting the stage for mass appeal is the goal for a professional stager.  Adding color, light, and a feeling of home can change the appearance and overall feel to a room.  For example, in this picture you can see that not much has changed, but with color and accents, warmth  was added to this dark cold room.

Re-design with or without  "WHAT   YOU   ALREADY   HAVE"

When someone hears the words "home staging", they can picture all new furniture, and accessories in their minds.  That can be done; however, most home staging is done with what you already have.  Staging, re-design, and organization can be done with what you already have in your home.  The skill is in finding the potential in what we have, and adding what we don't.  Let Dragonfly Home Designs show you how.
Staging Vacation Home Rentals
Dragonfly Home Designs will help you rent your property
​A well staged home rents out faster
Staging is not just for people selling their homes.  Rental properties are another form of selling a home.  Your home needs to be showcased to possible renters.  If you want top dollar, you need to be the top staged home.   My pictures speak to the buyer/renter and your home will be showcased.
Designing houses to help them sell faster or make you fall back in love with your home.