Dragonfly Home Designs in Mansfield, NJ specializes in Home Staging and ReDesign, Interior Design, Decorating, and Organizing. Serving Mercer, Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties. Owner, Erika Verschelde

Dragonfly Home Designs specializes in real estate home 
staging, house or business redesign, interior design, DIY, and interior decorating. 
Serving Central and South NJ including Mercer, Burlington, Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth and Bucks county, PA.

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Specializing in Home Staging, Re-Design, &  Interior Decorating & Design
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Mansfield, NJ
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Fall back in love with your home.

So many times, I've talked with home owners who have told me that their home makes them sick, or that they hate their home.  They bought their homes and they loved their homes when they first bought them.  Something about that home really drew them in.  I can help you love your home again.  So many times, a re-design or a staging and re-arranging changes the appearance enough to make someone see their home in a new way.  You can love your home again - time and creativity can do wonders.  Let Dragonfly Home Designs help.  
Designing houses to help them sell faster or make you fall back in love with your home.